Efficient Machining Cells

Start your manufacturing process with a versatile machining cell, or increase your capacity by adding to your existing machining work flow. Replace out of date equipment while maintaining exceptional quality and low cost per part. Let us know how where you would like to start in the manufacturing process, provide a part print, and we will build a machining cell that meets those needs.


CNC Turning Centers

We offer a wide variety of CNC turning centers to meet your manufacturing needs. These machines are robust and reliable, providing excellent quality at a great value. Lower your cost per part by incorporating these turning centers in your manufacturing system.

CNC Milling Centers

We offer both center column, horizontal, and gantry style milling centers. Like the CNC turning centers, these milling centers provide reliable productivity, rigid machine motion, and exceptional value.

We recommend the ESPRIT CAM System for easy and reliable generation of G-code programs and machine simulations. Click the image above to visit their site and start reaping benefits. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we can help you reach the right person at ESPRIT.

Spare Parts

We keep common spare parts in stock. Other spare parts are available with a short lead time, as new components are continually being manufactured to meet the demand for new machines. Give us a call or send us an e-mail describing the part you need.

Contact Us

  • 734 961-0300
  • sales@bochi-us.com


Is your machine down or encountered an issue? We have service technicians ready to diagnose the issue and restore your machine to optimal performance. Our team of engineers and machine builders work together to provide the support you need. Give us a call, so we can understand what you need and schedule a service call.

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